Amy and Natasha have been friends for many years, and are both fully qualified Nurse Prescribers and Aesthetic Practitioners.  Their clients often asked for treatments to relieve the symptoms of a high-stress, fast paced lifestyle: dark circles, tiredness, premature ageing, and lack of energy.  They soon realised that intravenous vitamin therapy promotes overall health, using naturally occurring nutrients.  This meant more energy, reduced stress, and greater wellbeing: 

All of the results their clients were asking for.

Amy and Natasha are passionate about discovering new treatments to keep up with their clients’ busy, modern lifestyles.  After completing their vitamin therapy training they set out to develop a service that would allow their city-based clients to receive relaxing, revitalising vitamin infusions easily, at a time that suited them, without needing to leave their home or office.

6 months later WELLBEME was born…


Relax. Recharge. Revitalise.